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"GOOD FUN"- Fun Up Dance Mix by Bass Bumpers

Rendered in .C4D, X-Particles and Octane Render. We used Truebones  and imported to Daz Studio, after some tweaks in Animate we exported the figure to .C4D via .fbx to  play with Hair and particles. :-) All was done in about 2  Weeks on 1 Pc with 2 Titans. (BASS BUMPERS)

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Truebones is a Tried, Tested and True leader in motion capture products, services and consulting. We Provide Custom Motion Capture as well as PreMade Motion Paks for any project. Let our Animation Studio do all the hard work for you.

Universal Compatibility.

Truebones .FBX files work well with most major 3-D animation programs and Game Engines Like Autodesk, Unity3D and Unreal.

Truebones .BVH Files.

We also have the hard to find .BVH for 3DS MAX Biped, Daz-3D, Poser, I-Clone and many more...

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mrbones@truebones.com or legal@truebones.com in the UNITED STATES 

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