Since 2001 Truebones has been providing high quality motion captures in BVH format.

Our Truebones Motions are high quality, 30 (fps) and specially retargeted and constructed with a new skeletal structure,

This makes Truebones more smooth, lightweight and crash resistant for your favorite 3d application. This in turn saves an immense amount of frustration for Machinima Video and Game developers who require bones that are simple and organized.

Simply rigg your character mesh with a Truebones T-Posed Rigging Skeleton once,
Then apply, mix or match one or many of our thousands of motions from our immense

Pro-Bones Motions 10,000 Motions FBX/BVH STUDIO

The largest single Motion Capture Library in the World.

Truebones Motions are freindly with all major animation programs including...

Maya, 3D Max, Poser, Daz3D, Truespace, Bvhacker, Lightwave, Blender, Iclone, Milkshape 3D, Fragmotion, Hash Animation Master, Tourqe Game Engine, GameStudio, Unity Game Engine, Unreal Engine, C4D, Carrara, Open Sim, Qvanimator, SecondLife, MotionBuilder, and many more...

works with mostly all 3-D animation programs!

Autodesk 3dsmax Autodesk Softimage TrueSpace
Autodesk Maya Animstreet Poser
DAZ Studio Blender Maxon Cinema4D
Endorphin Lightwave Reallusion iClone
Autodesk MotionBuilder Fragmotion MilkShape3D

Our Partners and Clients

Truebones Motions is very proud to present our current clientele. and very special business partners.

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Mission Critical Studios